students & volunteers


Our programs can always use the added support of a volunteer. We offer volunteer opportunities for day programming services and events. You require a vulnerable sector screening to be a program volunteer during regular programming hours. Event volunteers are often day of the event volunteers who help set up and ensure the event runs smoothly!

Simply fill out the form below to apply!

The relationships we cultivate with schools that offer us placement students year-round are invaluable to both our agency and the students themselves. These partnerships afford students essential hands-on experiences, nurturing their growth and development. Simultaneously, these placements offer our agency crucial support, addressing staffing shortages and providing a bridge that helps us fulfill our responsibilities effectively. The success of these students, with many seamlessly transitioning into full-time roles within our agency, not only minimizes training time and costs but also brings positive transformation to the individuals we assist, creating a mutually beneficial cycle of growth and support.

If you are interested in a student placement, please contact Jessica Noftle at [email protected] for further information.

The Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) Program is a long-standing government program that strives to help youth (15–30 years of age) obtain summer work experience. Canada Summer Jobs serves as an invaluable asset to both youth and Creating Alternatives by providing individuals with essential skills, experience, and confidence, while simultaneously bolstering the capacity of Alternatives to fulfill our missions through the infusion of fresh perspectives, energy, and talent from the younger generation.  This mutually beneficial arrangement fosters personal growth and community impact, creating a positive cycle of development and empowerment. Our communities’ benefit when young people are working, learning, and succeeding.

Stay tuned for 2024 CSJ placements!