Participant Bill of Rights

Your Rights in the Program of Person-Centered Care for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Participants Rights will be reviewed upon admission and annually thereafter.  

Participants Rights will be reviewed with the individual and his/her family/advocates at the annual Individual Support Plan (ISP) meeting annually. 

Participants Rights will be reviewed with suitable language and context for the individual to understand to the best of their ability.

The goals of Creating Alternatives are: 

  • To maximize the independence, dignity, and respect of Creating Alternatives participants 
  • To aid Creating Alternatives participants in becoming more independent and receive full citizenship
  • To provide person-centered quality program and care to Creating Alternatives participants
  • To ensure Creating Alternatives participants are active members in their community 
  • To help support and create effective goal setting with Creating Alternatives participants and their families

At Creating Alternatives, we are dedicated to including individuals into their community by providing opportunities for their success in all aspects of life.  At Creating Alternatives we strive to provide services that support individuals to live in a community where everyone belongs, are treated fairly, and have the opportunity to make informed choices in order to successfully plan and build for their future.  At Creating Alternatives, we value respect, choice, community, effective and inclusive programming, and safety above all.  

Our staff seek to affirm the dignity and independence of each participant by assuring the following rights:

  • The right to live an independent, active, and full life.
  • The right to determine my own future and make my own life choices.
  • The right to a barrier free environment.
  • The right to be informed, of Alternatives admission, in a language that is suitable to the my level of understanding. 
  • The right to equipment, assistance, and support services necessary for full productivity, provided in a way that promotes dignity and independence.
  • The right to access Alternatives complaint’s procedure.
  • The right to access my program records.
  • The right to an environment free of abuse, neglect, and harassment.
  • The right to protection against discrimination including:
    • Race, Ethnicity, Religion, Age, Sex, Mental or Physical disability, Sexual Orientation, Source of payment for services (ODSP, Passport, etc.)
  • The right to participate in the development of my ISP, and any changes made to it when I see fit.
  • The right to communicate freely with all fellow citizens and those who provide supports/services.
  • The right to training and employment without prejudice or stereotype.
  • The right to an environment in which maximizes my full potential 
  • The right to accessible transportation and freedom of movement.
  • The right to equal access to and use all businesses, facilities, and activities in the community.
  • The right to participate in community, recreational and athletic activities that are appropriate me. 
  • The right to informative programs that will aid in reaching my full potential.
  • The right to receive meals that are well-balanced, of good quality, in accordance with the Canada Food Guide and appropriate to my dietary requirements.