Excelling in the Culinary Arts

Participants are given the opportunity to work in a fully equipped kitchen, learning to bake, fry, chop, and portion out various food items. Participants in this program will acquire knowledge of kitchen and food handling safety, explore and research various international recipes, prepare ingredients, complete small meal preparations, and acquire the skills to create non-stove top items. Participants in this program will also oversee the Hot Lunch Program running four days per week. Here, individuals will work with the instructor to research recipes, develop a weekly menu, purchase ingredients, and fully cook and plate a hot meal for purchase. In addition, participants will gain knowledge of stovetop and knife safety, how to sanitize their kitchen, nutrition awareness, how to ensure food is cooked properly and understanding cleaning product labels/hazards.

Grocery Shopping
Participants will have the opportunity to research a variety of recipes, create grocery lists, understand nutritional facts and labels, and ensure all groceries are put away in their appropriate places. Participants will learn to navigate local grocery stores on a weekly basis, as well as practice money management, debit/credit card usage, budgeting, and practise a variety of social exchanges and interactions.

program components