Independent Living

A unique and individualized program designed to support people in finding independence, and living a good life.

Getting Ready for independent living


Develop a vision, build a network of support, and design a suitable housing program


Assess needs, learn skills needed to succeed in a semi-independent living model, work on mastery of skills in all domains (health, safety, ADL’s, social skills etc.), generalize skills across settings


Apartment designed to help maximize supports, develop skills, develop relationships in that community, assist with gaining confidence and increased independence.


Cisco is providing sensors for added safety (door, medication cabinet, water taps).  Also, in process of creating an autonomous living app to support individuals in multiple settings


  • Assessment (TALK-HA) used to create a learning plan that will guide what is needed to get individuals ready to be live independently
  • Use data to inform progress and needs, use practice unit to build these skills.
  • Daily practice opportunities in 2-bedroom condo at Lou Fruitman building in Thornhill

Lou Fruitman - Building Amenities

Creating Alternatives' Condo Unit - Lou Fruitman

Fee Schedule - Plan, Practice, Live

TimeProgramFee ($)
8am-3pmPractice Session$116+$35 (incidentals)
8am-8amOvernight (Reena Staff)$300 (24 hours package)
Hourly RateAfter 3pm$20/hr for 1:2
$40/hr for 1:1

Getting to know the program

If you would like to know more, or how to partake in this program, please contact Jessica Noftle at [email protected]

Program Launch at Lou Fruitman

Independent Living Program PRESS RELEASEs

November 8, 2021

Autonomous Living Project leverages Cisco technology to help those with diverse abilities live independently

December 3, 2021

Cisco turns the dream of independent living into a reality for people with diverse abilities