Day Programs

About The Day Program

Upon arrival each day, every participant has a scheduled program of classes, activities or outings, which have been chosen based on their interests, peer relationships, and goals, as identified in their Individualized Support Plan, developed annually by Creating Alternatives staff, together with each participant and their network of support. Creating Alternatives offers options for both group (1:5) and individualized (1:1) support in programs. Participants will rotate throughout the day from a morning group to an afternoon group. Each day offers a variety of well-rounded programs.

At Creating Alternatives, we ensure that all participants have an opportunity to enjoy a variety of in-house and community-based activities with a focus on “fun” and engagement. Our community and recreation based programs allow participants to utilize and put into practice, a multitude of skills and learning from other program components, in practical, lived experiences and situations, where these skills are naturally used. These fun-focused activities are used as a means of increasing community awareness, promoting healthy lifestyles and friendships, as well as social skills development with their peers and community members. Emphasis is placed on developing community linkages and providing participants with independence and opportunity for choice.

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In navigating on-site programming throughout COVID-19, Creating Alternatives developed cohorts, to provide consistent daily groups and assigned a designated program room for each cohort to complete all their daily programs. This was done to minimize risk and  exposure due to cross-over between groups for both participants and staff on-site. Staff will continue to facilitate multiple well-rounded programs in compliance with Public Health and Ministry guidelines.

Our Day Program Components Include:

Fee Schedule - Day Program

ProgramFee ($)
1:1 Full Day $250/day
1:2 Full Day$125/day
1:5 Full Day$108/day